Winters morning on cromer pier

This print is one I have been longing to make ever since I completed the Brighton beach shelter print. It is the wonderful Victorian pier shelter in cromer. Cromer is were my heart is and once I had completed the Brighton print I knew I would have to make a response to it from cromer.

 2014-08-29 10-24-13IMGP5332


The photograph looks like the winters day that it was still and frosty, however looking back at the rest of the photographs i took that day it was just after the storms that trashed the pier and beach huts. Having just visited cromer again I am amazed how it has rebuilt it’s self and has removed all signs of the terrible destructive storms. 


 IMGP5339 IMGP5335 IMGP5327 IMGP5323 IMGP5319 IMGP5299 IMGP5296

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