Ways of Seeing

I watched this this week after hearing of John Berger’s death. I am blown away by his insight in to capitalisms basis in European paintings and ways of life. Worth sitting down and watching all four in one go.

“to be nude is to be seen naked by others and yet not recognised for oneself. A nude has to be seen as an object in order to be a nude. In other words, art is a commodity and a woman in art is an object.”

Cornilia Parker – One Day This Glass Will Break

Quick trip to see this room of prints by Cornilia Parker. Looking at energy and movement and the deniability of the art object.  Using Photogram techniques and UV lights she creates images of glass objects on the point of falling or having broken or tipped over and spilling their wet contains everywhere. The idea that the mere shadow of roses has created art interests me as it is obscuring the mark making from the creative intent. Spraying Tequila from her mouth onto a photographic plate is an act of explosion and of destruction. Other images remind us of the fragility of balance as smashed glasses have such fine edges all highlighted on the photographic film. The Images are inverts of true photograms as they have white background and black object looming out like ghosts. The capture of the moment of braking and the ephemeral nature of the object in the image makes the image and the viewer feel like they are onlooking the essence of the transitory state.

New prints photographed

Cards for christmas and valentines day