Who Am I?


My burning questions are:

How can we live with each other without judgment?

How can we understand each others views?

How can I live a christian life?

How can we use our bodies, environments and each other to create new understandings?

I use my art works to try and answer some of these questions. I work in performance and workshops. I spend a lot of time developing ideas by holding dialogs with people and reflecting on what I have found

I work in both the inner-field (inside my self and my reflections) and the outer-field in action and dialog with others. Hence the two parts of my blog. I do this because I believe that until I understand how change and transformation works within my self I cannot bring that change to my society.

I studied for an MA in Social Sculpture and Connective Practice at Oxford Brookes which is a course about taking change out into society through seeing everyone as an artist.  I have worked as a secondary maths teacher after studying civil engineering at Bristol and at an art foundation at Camberwell College of Art.  I have perviously made prints and illustrated Yoga poetry books. All these experiences are what I stand on to make the art I make today.

You can contact me at arfloyd1000@gmail.com or follow me on twitter @alicerfloyd

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