“Understanding brings compassion” THN

“You have the right to make mistakes but you don’t have the right to continue making mistakes you have to learn from your mistakes” THN

“Without the mud there is not lotus flour without the lotus there is no mud” THN

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The internal intervention is to make a decision to see your self and the world differently.

What is failure?

How have I failed?

How do I move from competiveness to holistic success?

When I give everything but we burn out is this failure?

How do I meet failure in my life?

What have I learned from failure?

Do I dare to try?

How much do I know? What don’t I know? What are my limitations?

Why do I label my selves as a failure and why?

How do I meet failure?

How do I fix my language around failures?

How has education formed my thinking on failure?

Was this the best strategy for failing?

What could make me better at coping with setbacks?

How do I value all achievement as different but equal?

How do I get students to see feedback as a growth sport?

How do I read feedback without being destroyed?

How does academic failure equate to not trying?

What does nature teach me about failure?

Is learning about failure healthy for our children?

How did my parents teach me about failure?

How can I fail but not fall short?

When do I spiritually fail?

What emotions do failures create?

How do I cope with these emotions?

How do we move to change without fearing failure?

Why is sport mantra about will power?

How do I fail the planet but how am I not in control?

Do I need to understand the scientific/engineering/medical modal of failure more?

When does society label us as failures?

How will we live a successful live in the 22nd century?

What does successful living look like?

How can I die successfully?

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