Parish Walk

I discovered that there are over 16 different christian organisations/buildings/orders in the parish I live in. I used a minimum path analysis software to chose a route to stop at all these places.

I walked the route for the first time on 20th February 2017: I noticed how closed all these buildings were. How they all had notice boards outside with information facing outwards. The only person I met was cleaning the brass in an always open chapel on the site of St Johns home. The only door that was open was to the Convent to the Incarnation which was ironic. The walk took me an hour and a half. As I opened the door I heard the bell for midday mass. Below are the images of the signs I collected:

After the walk I tried out a new process that is emerging of re-entering into the imagination of the walk and drawing the path and laying over it my thoughts, emotions and feelings about the land.