Play like an Artist

Close noticing techniques   Walk like an artist  Play like an artist

Look at a map before you go. Imagine your self on the route in that place.

Make a sculpture. How does it compare to the gestures of nature?

Make a connection to an artists style looking at the land.

Sit on every bench and place your self in the landscape.

Walk slowly stop and investigate.

Look at the gestures of the trees. Make those gestures your self?

Look at the paths on the land: big –train, road and water or small – slug, animal or leaf.

Concentrate on a colour eg. Green. How many different types of that colour can you see?

Look at the surface you are walking across and how it changes. How does this make you feel about the land you are on?

What mud have you collected on your boots?

Where are the animals in your landscape? How do they interact with this path?

Read each plaque, notice board and stone. What history does this tell?

What does your body feel like?

What birds can you hear and see?

When you travel by different modes eg. Train, Car how is it different to this?

What rubbish is left?  how does that tell a story?

What does it feel like when you stand and close your eyes?

What things on your walk could be like writing eg. Paths, tracks lines scratches?

Can you draw the line you walked?

How are these birds viewing you and what is their outlook on this piece of land?

Choose a stick that has a form of energy within it. Hold it as you walk.

Walk with no end point or agenda apart from connecting.

Find the things that are beautiful but are worth nothing. Hold them with your eyes closed.

Walk slower.

Walk s l o w e r


This walk with two other artists lead to a performance project called:

Please join me us Mesopotamia,

Portland Wonder/Wander