Intense Form

This project was a true sisterly love story of bringing both our strengths to form a book of poems and pictures. Hannah would talk about a pose in yoga and start writing a poem I would then hear one of the early drafts and lock onto a few key words and push them round in my head until I had a clear image of the illustration I wanted to achieve.  I would then share it with hannah for “constructive” criticism. She would often use the images I made to tweak her poems. I would often change my mind about what was good after I understood what was key to a pose.  The journey in collaboration was amazing and I learned a huge amount about the process of illustration and collaboration.

Below is some of the more official Press releases:

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 21.56.35

We’ve been hard at work on this for months.  After many years of saying we’d get round to it one day, my sister and I have finally combined our skills to make a collection of poems combined with images on the topic of yoga. The project started when I photographed Hannah doing a series of her favourite yoga poses and she wrote some little haiku to go with them. But we didn’t stop there – the project has evolved to become a fully-illustrated 32-page picture book with a variety of visual responses to the (also very varied) poems, under the label Headstand Press.  And, to bring it all to life, we’ve created an exhibition to be hung in the gorgeous yoga studio Camyoga at Great Shelford.



Below are some pictures from the hanging:

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